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Financial Life Planning

Financial Life Planning

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The rules of planning and investing have changed—times are more challenging and complex. The cost of living has never been higher and taxes, approximately a third of your income, will inevitably increase. We're living longer lives, which means you have the increased risk of not having enough money to retire comfortably or being unable to care for aging parents or leave a legacy for your children. That's why you need a comprehensive Financial Life Plan and a trusted partner who can provide expert advice and guidance.

At Elm Tree Capital, we will help you allocate and optimize your resources and implement a sound Financial Life Plan.  A Financial Life Plan will prepare you for what happens in the future, while keeping you focused on making the best life you can create today. We will create and implement the plan by taking the following steps:

  • Learning more about you by addressing the big-picture questions: Who you are, what you have accomplished, and where you want to go, now and in the future? This enables us to craft out initial recommendations and to serve the goals you value most.
  • Reviewing your Financial Resources and Financial Health. We will assess and review all aspects of your financial life (e.g. balance sheet) and provide you a clear picture of what you have, need and can leave for your heirs and your legacy.
  • Working closely with you to develop and implement a realistic plan to reach your goals, achieve peace of mind, and reach a high state of financial wellness.
  • Managing your investments through the uncertainties of the market, keeping your goals always in mind, while your life changes and evolves. We will monitor and adjust your investments throughout the accumulation, preservation and distribution stages of your of life, while focusing on maintaining your optimal financial health and growing prosperity.

At Elm Tree Capital, we take great pride in knowing that you have peace of mind and confidence that your important financial affairs are in order and life’s goals attainable.

Your financial health and peace of mind starts with just a phone call. We welcome your questions about our professional credentials and investment philosophies—and most importantly, about how we can help you live your best possible life.