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Rollover IRAs

August 28, 2013

The J.P.Morgan Asset Management website presents an excellent introduction to Rollover IRAs.  Titled "Rollovers," the website states that rolling over your company retirement plan "to a tax-advantaged IRA with the potential to continue growing assets you've worked hard to accumulate" is often the best option.  

The website further substantiates the foregoing by addressing the following topics with links therein:

Why Open a Rollover IRA?

Strategies for a Successful Rollover

FAQs About Rollover IRAs

Comparison Rollover Chart, which compares the pros and cons of other alternatives to a Rollover IRA.

J.P. Morgan's analysis is informative, but should only taken as a rule of thumb.  Clearly, every situation presents challenges with subtle nuances that require deep, time intensive levels of research and analysis.

We strongly recommend you contact your financial planning professional before embarking on this or any other planning strategy.

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